Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"So, how is Macy adjusting to being in your family?"

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard this question, well, I'd have more than just a couple of nickels.
Let me just SHOW you how this child is adjusting:


There ya have it, folks. Any further questions on how she's adjusting to life in the Humphrey House? :)

This girl is doin' just fine. It's like she's been here all along, when in reality it'll just be 8 weeks this Friday. Man, how time flies when you are having fun (as noted in the pic above - doesn't every Ethiopian princess need glittery cowboy boots and hat?).

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010!

I was so busy yesterday on Christmas Day that I didn't get a chance to post any pictures about our fun-filled holiday. Plus, we had MORE celebrating to do this evening - and I just now got to sit down and take a look at the pictures I have taken in the past three days. We have had a LOT of fun this Christmas - it's been PERFECT - I LOVE having four little kiddos running through the house full of Christmas excitement!

Here they are waiting to come down the stairs on Christmas morning.
Apparently I wasn't moving fast enough for Houston.
The only thing Hannah wanted for Christmas was a Barbie Jeep.
I've heard that Santa shops Craigslist too. Because there's no way he'd pay $250 for a new one to sit out in our garage. (If it ever gets out of our living room.)
The only thing that Houston wanted was a "CHOO CHOO" (pronounced "Cheeeeewwwww Cheewwwwww"). And although we kind of doubt that he made the "nice list" this year, his precious smile got him his first train (complete with remote controls).

Miss Macy got this sweet Baby Doll and doll buggy. (Along with other stuff - all of which she ignored for this doll and buggy.)

Apparently it's not just for dolls.

Aidan got a rather ghetto, yet AWESOME gift - PVC Pipe! This kid LOVES to build and invent, so Santa was able to pick up 60 feet of pipe and two dozen assorted connectors for right around 5 bucks! He LOVES them! In fact, ALL the kids love them! SCORE! for a cool, cheap gift!

Hootie also got a slide. And he found a lot of different ways to slide down it.

He wasn't the only one who enjoyed the slide.
Our little Rockstar.
What a fun morning!

Opening stockings...

This kid is just a riot. Hence why he gets lots of camera time.
(Notice that Santa is safely buckled up. But the baby is recklessly standing in the back of the jeep as she hitches a ride.)

Macy and Daddy opening gifts at Nana's house tonight.

Okay, my crazy brother and sweet sis-in-law got one of the kids this weird toy. They LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's the oddest toy I've seen - it's made of rubber and they sit on it and jump and bounce like crazy. And Macy jumping on it with her shades on is just too good.

Macy decided that she'd open all the adults gifts as well. Of course since my family adores her they didn't mind the help one bit! This little girl has opened a lot of presents this month! Between her birthday and now Christmas, she's gotten good at ripping through some paper!
It's been a FUN Christmas this year! The kids are at awesome ages and it was so fun to see the wonder in their eyes. I wish I could figure out how to upload video, because Macy just squealed and screamed when she saw what Santa had brought her. She absolutely AMAZES us everyday how "NORMAL" she is - she's just like any regular kiddo - not one who has only been in our country for 7 weeks! How thankful we are that we haven't had any difficult behavior or attachment issues out of her. She's just great! And I really think she enjoyed her first Christmas. Hope you did too!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Macy had her first Christmas Craft Day today! My best gal pal and I got our kiddos together to make ornaments, reindeer food, and of course, cookies!!! The cookies were definitely the activity that the kiddos enjoyed the most. (Heck, anything with icing gets my kids super-excited!)
Apparently I was getting a little to close to her precious cookies.

Houston was in Hog Heaven. I caught him more than once sucking the icing straight from the tubes. And we wonder why he's 33 pounds at 2 years old.

Oh that's just lovely, Hannah.

I had some sticky, sugared-up kids when this was all over and done with. But OH how I love making these kinds of memories with my babies! How very fortunate we feel to be entrusted with these four precious children.
And now that the kids are down for naps, I am going to go enjoy me some cookies.
(And NO, they aren't the ones that they decorated. Are you kidding me? Did you see those things?!!)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh goodness, she's just so YUMMY!

Now that our Christmas cards are mailed out (FINALLY!), I can share these incredible pics that my sweet friend Kristen took one week after we got home with Miss Macy. Oh, and the Santa pic was the next week, also by Kristen. I LOOOOOVE these pictures, and can't wait to get some up on my wall!

Oh Be Still My Heart. This is by FAR my favorite. These two are best friends.
They worship the ground that the other walks on. Absolutely PRECIOUS!

This is the "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" look.
We get this look often.

I mean COME ON!!!!
How could EVERYONE not want a little Ethiopian Sweetheart!?!?!

My Fab Four


There ya have it folks! Oh, well actually Kristen took over 300 pictures - but these were my faves. I'll cherish them forever! It's already fun to look back at them and see how Macy is changing. Her hair is longer and super thick, and she's gaining weight like a champ. Now granted, she still isn't even on the growth chart - but she's gaining just the same!
The Humphreys are gearing up for a fun Christmas! We are looking forward to spending this weekend with our family and friends. We are VERY fortunate that all of our family is local, so we don't have to travel. The kiddos are geared up for Santa (yes, we do Santa in our house), and tomorrow we are making cookies and preparing reindeer food. (Every time Macy sees a Santa or a Santa hat or ANYTHING to do with Santa she yells at the top of her lungs, "HO HO HO!") We do all of this as we emphasize to the kids the REASON for Christmas. We are so thankful for God's love, and the best gift ever - His Son! As Aidan puts it, "Christmas is all about Jesus' birthday. And it's a super great bonus that we get gifts too!". Well - we are workin' on him! Ha!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! We are feeling EXTRA blessed this year with our sweet Macy home to enjoy it with us. It's still kind of hard to believe that she's home FOREVER with us!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Check out this great giveaway!

Okay, so I am not the one doing the giveaway. I honestly don't know what I have that would be worth givin' away. (And no, my sweet Ethiopian Princess is NOT up for grabs.) Wait. (However, I may be able to auction off her little bigger brother.) Ohh. (Ok. I am kidding. I probably would miss him and all his ruckus.)
Okay, moving on. So a sweet friend of mine has a great giveaway on her blog right now, so check it out. SHE is actually the one that led us to our adoption agency, WACAP, which in turn led us to Miss Macy. Her art is gorgeous and unique and just total awesomeness. So check her out at

But don't enter her giveaway or anything. Because if YOU win and I DON'T - well, I might just have to come beat ya up.

On that note - have a BLESSED weekend!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Our sweet Ethiopian Princess played in the snow for the first time today! Here in Tennessee, we don't get many "good" snows, but this was pretty stinkin' good! Seeing how Macy had never experienced the cold stuff before, I wasn't quite sure how she would react. But OHHHHH how she loved it! She kept screaming, "SNOW! SNOW!". It was so funny! It's hard to believe that just 5 weeks ago she was living in Africa!

Her FAVORITE thing was to do was being pulled in the sled. LOVED it!

What a fun morning! When we came back in I made hot cocoa for everyone. Macy DESPISES milk, (all kinds - strawberry, chocolate, you name it - we've tried it!), but I made her some EXTRA chocolatey cocoa, and that girl DOWNED it. So I am not sure if it was because she actually liked it, or if she was just so frozen she didn't care! Ha!
Hope you all have a wonderful and WARM week!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Where'd it go?

If someone could please tell me where the past 4 years have gone, I'd be eternally grateful.

Yes, our Hannah turns 4 years old tomorrow. When my mind thinks back to the night she was born 4 years ago, I get chills from head-to-toe. You see, it wasn't that sureal experience that women dream and hope for. It was scary and painful. And painful. (Oh, did I already mention that one?) To hear the story of Hannah's birth and first few weeks of life, click HERE. I was determined for Hannah to have her picture taken with Santa for her first Christmas, but she was in the NICU. Anyone recognize this Santa? (Yes, I have a precious, precious husband.)

She was a chunky, happy, precious baby!

And a SPUNKY toddler!

Meeting her new sister for the first time.
She's come a LONG way since those first weeks in the NICU. time flies.

MY wish as she blew out those four candles...

that the next four years go by much, MUCH slower.

Happy Birthday Hannahbelle!

We love you!