Saturday, July 16, 2011

a BIG FAT AMEN to this!!!

This video is blog-worthy for sure! It echos exactly how I feel. Jason and I aren't going to aspire to reach the "American Dream". We are going to be as "uncomfortable" and "inconvenienced" and "broke" as the Lord will let us be - ALL for HIS GLORY! Doesn't seem like a very hard decision when I look into our sweet Macy's face. We could have made excuses on why we SHOULDN'T adopt. But at the end of the day, they just weren't convincing enough not to bring one of His children home.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Referral-versary!

One year ago today we got the phone call that changed our family forever. (To read about that incredible day, click HERE.) There was a little girl in Ethiopia that needed a home. A little girl that through sickness had become fatherless, and through poverty had become an orphan. This little girl needed a family and a home, and we were it.
Last July 14th, this was the first picture we saw of our precious daughter.
And this is her today.
I'm not an overly, sappy, emotional person. But as I look at her first pictures, as I've looked at hundreds of times over the past year, tears pour from my eyes. Because LOOK AT HER. Look at how scared and confused and malnourished she was. And then look at that sassy little girl today. My heart breaks at the thought of "what-if". What if we hadn't made the leap of crazy faith to start the adoption process. What if the "it's so expensive" and "what will people think?" thoughts had won. What if.
This precious daughter of ours has changed so many lives already. More kiddos are coming home to their Forever Families because THIS LITTLE GIRL has impacted several of our friends. Do you understand how amazing it is to know that our adoption wasn't just about bringing Macy home, but how it's encouraged other families to start the process to bring their sons and daughters home as well? It truly is humbling.
One year ago today I went to bed praying for Macy's birthmother. The woman that gave her sweet baby life, and then after two and a half years of trying to provide for her, had to make the agonizing decision to take her youngest child to an orphanage. Today, my thoughts are on her again, as they are everyday. I want her to know how happy, healthy, smart and funny her daughter is. How wonderfully well-adjusted she is. How much happiness she has brought to our family.
What an amazing year. A year I can't believe that is already passed. A year of fears, trials, joy, and overwhelming appreciation to our Father who has so perfectly knit our family together. I tell everyone that He picked the perfect child for us. She was a Humphrey just needing to come home.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th

The man who started it all....

Back in the summer of 2009, an amazing speaker and author named David Nasser came to speak at our church. We looked forward to his visits. He was funny and REAL, and totally rocked mine and Jason's world. He spoke passionately about the world's orphan crisis. About all these children without families. Or a hope. Or a future. He talked about the amazing process of adoption, and reminded us that WE had ALL been adopted into God's family and given a new hope. And a new future. Jason and I had never thought about adoption. Honestly, we thought it was just for couples who couldn't have children, and since we the crazy, fertile couple having three babies in three years, adoption had never even crossed our minds. But then David said something we just couldn't shake. If you've seen our adoption video, (if not, click HERE) you know that this one particular statistic is what pushed us "over the edge": "If just seven percent of THE CHURCH (not the world's population, not American citizens, just THE CHURCH) would adopt, then there would be no more orphans". Good GRACIOUS that hit us like a ton of bricks. So one Sunday back in the summer of '09 we got into the car after church, and while sitting in the parking lot decided we were going to be part of that 7%. Our decision was that quick and that easy. We were all in.
Fast forward to October 2010. It's been over a year since we'd heard David speak. After a CRAZY time trying to fly back from Ethiopia (see that story HERE...for reals, it's so bad it's funny) we arrived home after 17 hrs in the air on a Saturday night from our first trip to meet our new daughter. We were tired and jet-lagged (and I was an emotional basketcase having to have come home without Macy), but knew that David Nasser was going to be speaking at church the next morning. So we took our bleary-eyed selves to church. After service I grabbed Jason's hand and rushed backstage on a hunt for David. I wanted to let him know how THANKFUL we were to him for planting that seed in our hearts. I showed him Macy's pictures, and of course, cried my eyes out. He listened to our story, asked to keep Macy's picture, and prayed the most incredible, touching prayer over us. He is THAT KIND of guy. You know, the Real Deal. We were incredibly touched. The next day I got a knock on the door from someone delivering a precious gift from the Nassers, with a handwritten note about how amazing adoption is (they have an adopted son as well).
So NOW fast forward to this past Sunday. It was time for David Nasser to come back to Long Hollow. Whoop Whoop! Again, I rushed the stage after service and was so excited for him to meet our spunky little Ethiopian. She passed out the hugs and love - and thought he was pretty cool too. This time we were able to meet his sweet wife as well. It's so great to talk to other adoptive mommas who "get" it. We snapped some pics so we can show her someday WHO IT WAS that prompted us to adopt. (And of course, Hannah had to jump in the pics too. That is SO Hannah!)
Needless to say, the Nassers hold a special place in the Humphreys hearts. We will be FOREVER grateful! Because of this man, and the message that God spoke through him, Macy's life has been redeemed. And that hope and future I spoke of....well, now our daughter has them. And we give ALL the glory to God.

Our "not-so-lazy summer"

I knooooooooooooow it's been forever since I've blogged. But GOOD GRACIOUS we've been busy this summer! I'm now working full-time for our church, working part-time as a photographer, and doing a lot of it from home which means, of course, I've got four little "helpers" with me all the time. Life is GOOD, but it is BUSY! On top of that, I've had some major computer problems, so the fact that I actually got this blog post up and running is nothing short of a miracle.
So here's some pics of Miss Macy from our beach trip. She LOVED the ocean and the pools. The waterslide...ummmm...not so much. We had a wonderful time. This was the first year since becoming parents that we've actually been able to just watch our kids play, and not have to hold or chase a baby the entire time. I'll be was lovely. As crazy as my 2 toddlers and 2 preschoolers are, they sure are a lot of fun.