Friday, June 25, 2010

Donation Drive!!!

As I wait (impatiently) wait for our referral call, I have decided to go ahead and start our DONATION DRIVE of items we will be taking to donate to Macy's orphanage and the WACAP Transition House. Both homes rely greatly on these donated items to provide for the children in their care. Since we are now traveling twice (once for court, once for pick-up) we will be able to take items both times we travel. We are also going to need monetary donations to pay for the "overweight" luggage we will have traveling with for all these supplies. Donations can also be made for US to do the shopping for the items that nobody donates. If you could purchase ANY of the items below, I know they would make some precious orphans and their caregivers very VERY happy!
I made a fancy-smancy chart with the items and prices, but of course I can't figure out how to cut and paste that onto my blog! I'll keep trying! But just to let you know, I found all of these items at our local Walmart. Most of the items are under $5. Can't you spare $5 to help "the least of these"? The items that you donate may very well be helping OUR MACY until we can come pick her up!
I am going to have a tub on my front porch if anyone wants to drop off donated items. (Message me if you need the address.) Or you can drop them off at Jason's office or I'll even come pick them up from you!
Here are the items we would like to take with us to Ethiopia!
Thanks in advance for your help!
Infant formula
Water protein mix (Like "Special K")
Protein bars
Liquid Pedialyte drink
Powder instant milk
Older infant formula
Cans of tuna
Baby rice cereal
Granola bars
Infant pain reliever
Child pain reliever
Crayons, paper, markers
Diapers (both disposable & cloth; all sizes)
Underwear (both genders;all sizes)
Puzzles, beach balls, chalk, jump ropes
Children's tights
Crib sheets
Lice medication
Diaper rash ointment
Vitamins (liquid for infants;chewable for children)
Flip Flops, croc style shoes, tennis shoes (all sizes)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Info for families North of Nashville

Hey everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the start of summer. We are recovering from our trip (see pics below) and busy with swim lessons this week - so our summer is off to a fun start!

I wanted to tell you all about a group that I am part of starting here in the North Nashville/Sumner County area. Several other adoptive mommas (some home with their kiddos, some waiting for referrals like we are) are forming a group called CAFE North (no, it's not a coffee house; CAFE stands for Christian Adoptive Families of Ethiopia). We are striving to be a fellowship group for other families that have adopted from Ethiopia, in the process of adopting, or even just curious about the adoption process. You can request to join our group on Facebook, or contact me for more details. We are also working on forming a YAHOO message board group. So if you have thought about adoption and would like to "hang" with some other adoptive families, we would love to meet you! Our first family event is this Saturday evening (June 19th). Again, if you are interested just let me know and I will get you the details.

Something else that CAFE North is working on putting together is an Intro to Adoption Tea for ladies that just want to come and ask questions and hear info about international adoption. This will not be "Ethiopia-specific", and we welcome ANYONE who is interested in international adoption. This will be a very stress-free, non-committal way that you can come and ask the questions you have concerning international adoption. The date we have set for this event will be Saturday July 17th. Again, contact me if you are interested and please PASS THE INFO ON to your friends!

MACY UPDATE: Nothing new to report. I swear, hanging out at the TOP OF THE LIST seems to be the hardest place to wait! UGH! I contacted our caseworker today, and there hasn't been much happening. She says they expect a few referrals in the next week or so, but doesn't think any of them are toddler girls.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

We just got back from our first (and last!) vacation as a family of five! We went with my Mom to Perdido Key, which is right next to Gulf Shores. By day three of our trip the oil started washing up, but luckily our condo had a great pool as well, so all was good! We were very "busy" with our three young'uns, and Jason and I just laughed at the thought of doing this next year with FOUR kiddos. How wonderful thinking about our next trip to the beach including Macy (and hopefully a babysitter)! Enjoy the pics above AND below in the previous post. (And if you know how I can add more than 5 pics to a post at a time, PLEASE let me know!)