Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Meetcha Day!

One year ago today a tiny, sick, quiet, little girl was placed in my arms. The moment was surreal. That child we had been praying and dreaming about for the past 12 months was finally, FINALLY with us. Just like the day I birthed my other three kiddos, it's a day I will treasure forever. Jason and I sat anxiously in plastic lawn chairs waiting to be introduced to our Macy Bereket. When the Head Momma walked in carrying our tiny little girl, our hearts just about burst. It was love at first sight. I didn't blog about it then, but those first couple of minutes with her were of course joyful, but also nothing what we could have prepared for. Macy was MUCH smaller than we had expected. And I know I had read that a lot, so that really isn't big news. But along with being so small, she also had very poor torso control, and had a hard time walking. She also had a lumpy noggin'. Lumpy enough to cause Jason and I both to be concerned. She acted lethargic and loopy. And no matter what we did, we COULD NOT get that girl to smile. We thought something could very well be wrong developmentally with her. On top of all of that, she was really sick with some kind of respiratory funk. I was worried out of my mind. Back at the hotel that night we laid in the bed and decided that no matter what the future held, we were committed to adopting her. She was the child for us.
What makes that kind of humorous now as we look back on it is that there is NOTHING wrong with that child. When we went back to Ethiopia just three weeks later to bring her home she was running and jumping and smiling and talking. She was a COMPLETELY different kid. The lumpy noggin, which she still has (you can't tell with all that crazy hair!) ended up totally fine. Just part of her makeup. She was healthy and happy and gaining weight. Like I said, a totally different kid. Looking back, we believe that due to her illness, she may have accidentally been over-medicated. Probably some kind of cough syrup or something. Because she was loopy and lethargic like she was drugged up on something.
So our original "Meetcha Day" was awesome, and alarming at the same time. But good gosh what a difference you can see now! That funny little girl has more spunk than all three other kiddos combined. And some A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E. Whew!
What an amazing 10 months it's been! We love you Macy B!

Friday, September 23, 2011

One year ago...

One year ago today we loaded our bags...

boarded some planes...

traveled 17 hours....

to meet our daughter.
To read about the beginning of that trip, click HERE.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

School is in session!!!

My kids are ALL in some kind of school! Aidan started KINDERGARTEN (sniff...sniff) and Hannah, Macy and Houston are all in two-day Mother's Day Out. You may THINK that I do a happy dance when everyone is dropped off, but no....those are the days that I work, so no watching soap operas and eating bon bons for me. (As if.)

Aidan L.O.V.E.S. kindergarten. I mean, the kid could do school every minute of every day, and it still would not be enough. In fact, he is rather upset that he has a four day weekend this weekend. And remember all those crying fits fears I had (HERE) about him starting school? Well, those were relieved when I met his precious teacher. She's been teaching kindergarten for 19 years, and she knows her stuff. In fact, being in her class almost makes me miss teaching. Almost. He's already come home telling me words in French. Oh, how I love my little nerd.
The other three kiddos are attending two-day-a-week preschool about 3 minutes from our house. Hannah is in Pre-K and has a teacher she's known for a while. She's my crafty one, and is really enjoying her class. Macy, who I wasn't sure about putting in school yet or not, LOVES it. She talks about it ALL WEEK LONG. She has Hannah's teachers from last week and just prances on in like she owns the place. Houston, who I fully expected to scream bloody murder and cling to me for dear life, thinks school is wonderful because there are trains there. Thank you God for trains. So NO crying from ANYONE! Even me! It's been a great transition for everyone!

Whoop whoop! Pumped for school!

First day of preschool!
In they go!
Aidan goes to meet his sweet teacher, Ms. Tracy! So that's it! Jason and I are entering into a new "season" as Aidan starts big school. And then next year Hannah will start. And the next year Macy will start. And then the next year, (if you can pull him from my grip) Hootie will start kindergarten.
And I will sit at home and cry.
Or watch soap operas and eat bon bons.