Friday, June 10, 2011

One year.

One year ago today our sweet Macy was relinquished by her birthmother at a local government office, and then taken to an orphanage to wait five months to join her Forever Family.

That was a year ago.

This was today.

We are so thankful that Macy had two and a half years with her birthmother. We firmly believe that is why she was able to bond so quickly with us. She knew the love of a Momma. She had experienced bonding and attachment before. And as soon as she was placed in my arms, the process started with her new Momma.

So a year ago today our little girl was scared and alone. Today she jumped waves with her family.

Life's good, folks.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Macy sees the ocean for the first time...

We arrived in Gulf Shores yesterday and are having a BLAST! We spent yesterday and this morning at the rockin' awesome pools they have here on sight, and this evening after dinner decided to take a walk on the beach across the street. Macy had seen the ocean from the condo balcony, but not up close yet, so I wanted to document her reaction to seeing the vastness of the the ocean. And for the record, her reaction was absolutely priceless.

Here she is walking up the boardwalk to the beach....

And just LOOK AT HER SWEET FACE when she sees the ocean for the first time in her life!
She was in AWE...this beautiful little girl from Ethiopia just took in the wonder of the ocean!

She loved the sand, the waves, all of it!

Yes, we came to the ocean to walk and look for shells.

All four kids ended up soaked and sandy. Lovely.

This is how Jason had to finally get her to leave.

We will be back first thing tomorrow morning!

Oh, and by the way, as of yesterday Miss Macy has been home SEVEN MONTHS! Yay!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daddy Adoption Blog

Hey everyone! While there are PLLLLLLLENTY of Mommy Adoption Blogs, there just aren't many Daddy ones to be found. So my stud of a hubs has decided to remedy that! Check out his new blog at HERE. It is going to be primarily in video format, know how long your man's attention span is. I mean FO' REAL!!! So tell your studs to check it out!