Sunday, May 13, 2012


It's been a busy day, but even in the hustle and bustle of this Mother's Day, I've still been able to pause and realize just how very blessed I am. I've got four amazing, funny, healthy children. Out of the four, I have one that was born two months premature, one that was given a 0% chance of survival inutero, and one that I was led to on the other side of the world. Blessed - yes! Amazed that God has chosen me to trust with these four little souls - oh yes!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommas out there! And a HUGE celebration goes out to all my Momma friends in the adoption process that found out AMAZING news this week! My friend Shannon got her referral this week (Haiti)! So did Laura (Ethiopia)! My friend Fran is meeting her new daughter this week (Ethiopia)! My friend Cindy is FINALLY able to proceed with their adoption as they are officially in IBESR (Haiti)! My friend Stacie found out she's traveling next week to bring her son home (Congo)! My friend Susan is meeting and bringing home her daughter this week (Philippines)! And one of my dearest friends, Emily, is bringing home her TWO daughters this week (Haiti)! (I'm so geeked up for the homecoming Wednesday I can hardly stand it!) These friends all followed our adoption process with Macy, and it's been incredible being along side them during their process!