Sunday, August 29, 2010

A "Sorta-Silent" Auction"!

One year ago today, after a moving service at our church prompting us to do something CRAZY for the Lord, Jason and I got in the van and while sitting in church traffic, Jason turns to me and says, "I think we need to adopt". My first response was, "You realize that we have a just-turned 4 year old, a 2 year old, and an 8 month old". He says, "I know, it's crazy". I said, "Okay, let's do it". And we jumped into the adoption-world with both feet.
Now exactly a year later we have been matched with the most precious little Ethiopian girl. And in ONE MONTH FROM TODAY, on September 30th, we will stand in an African court stating why we want to bring this precious child of God home to our family. Forever. And there will be ONE LESS orphan in the world due to us deciding to do something totally crazy one year ago. THANK YOU, God, for breaking our hearts for what breaks yours! It hasn't been an easy year (but that's a whole 'nother blog post!), but it has been worth EVERY single second!
So to celebrate, we are gonna do a "Sorta-Silent Auction"! I have had three people/companies very generously donate gift certificates. I will have a "starting bid", and then the person with the highest bid on Friday at 1:00 (that's naptime in the Humphrey house!) wins! Okay, I say "wins", but I really mean "gets to make a donation to our adoption account with their winning bid". :) Just leave a comment on our blog with your bid. You can check back to see if anyone else has outbid you.

Sooooo....the first item up for auction is....

A $25 Gift Certificate to Nana Rosa's Italian Food and Market in Hendersonville. YUM YUM! Check out their menu at
Starting bid - $15.00


$40 worth of Mary Kay gift certificates, courtesy of Jennifer Green.
Starting bid $20.


A $50 gift certificate for AB Recyle. This is that service with the red tubs all around town. This covers 3 months of Recycle/Pickup service. Check out their website at Gift certificate courtesy of owners, Stacey and Julie Hull.
Starting bid $25.

Let the bidding begin!

I am also determined to sell our last four t-shirts. (See picture to the right!) I am sold out of the adult shirts, but have three kids pink ones (sizes Youth XS and Youth Small), and one kids blue one (size Youth Small). I am marking them down to $10 each. (Will add shipping charges if needed.) Get yours now!

Monday, August 23, 2010

More BANG for your buck!!!


Secondly - we have been approved for a matching grant through the Abba Fund! Wahoo! what this means is that if you donate, say $20, then the Abba Fund matches that donation, and we get $40. If you donate $500, then we get $1,000. So we are getting more BANG for YOUR buck! SERIOUSLY! This is GREAT news for us! AND your donations can now be TAX DEDUCTIBLE! So what you do is make your check out to Abba Fund, print off this easy-breezey donor card, and send in your donation. You will mark "Humphrey Family Adoption" on it - and "walllla" - the donation gets doubled! And then Abba Fund will send you a receipt thingy for your tax records. If you do this pleeeeease let us know that you are donating to us. That way we know how much $$$ the Abba Fund has in our name and that we can withdraw.

And folks, we neeeeeeeed some moo-lah, cold hard cash, MONEY for our travel! We have TWO trips to Ethiopia to pay for, AND LOOK AT THIS.....

Yes, that's the donations I have collected so far to take to Macy's orphanage. My plan was to count up how much formula, granola bars, shoes, pacifiers, shirts, pants, etc. I had to pack - but honestly, it's just too overwhelming. Since taking this pic tonight I have crammed and stuffed two bags to the 50 lb. limit, and I have several more bags to go. And folks - these bags aren't flyin' for free. I would like you to guess how much it costs to ship an extra 50 lb. bag to Ethiopia. Well, you will guess totally wrong, so I will tell ya. The first bag is $150. For two bags it's $400. For three bags it's $750. And the price just keeps drastically going up with each bag. Apparently Delta Airlines isn't too fond of extra baggage. So PLEASE consider making a donation so we can bless some orphans with all this stuff that so many of you have given. I am gladly collecting, organizing, and packing - but if it comes down to paying for a plane ticket to bring our baby girl home or shipping this stuff over - I think you know which one I will do.

ANY donation is appreciated - as it gets DOUBLED! Again, please remember to let us know if you do send Abba Fund a check, as we need to keep track of how much they have in our account. Again, here is the link to that donor card!

Thank you so much! These kiddos are ready to meet their sister!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Take me out to the ballgame..."

Aidan is playing Little League baseball this fall - and this mommy just couldn't be happier! This is our family's first experience with any kind of organized sport, and I gotta tell ya, I just LOVE a kid in a baseball uniform! I mean Could he possibly LOOK any cuter? I mean, before the dripping sweat and Gatorade mustache and all. He had a HUGE cheering section - like 13 screaming, cheering family and friends - and that was his FAVORITE part of the experience. The fact that he made a couple of hits was just a bonus.

Monday, August 9, 2010


WE JUST GOT OUR COURT DATE!!!! I was fixin' the kiddos lunch and that "special ringer", the one that only goes off when our adoption agency calls, rang on my cell phone and I started screaming, "It's Macy, It's Macy!". So then Aidan says - "Oh, I wanna talk to her!". Sweet boy!

Jason and I were getting bummed over the weekend because we knew that Ethiopian courts closed on Friday, and we still hadn't heard any news about a court date. Which means we wouldn't even be assigned one until October (when we thought courts would be reopening), and then we wouldn't be traveling to meet our sweet girl until the end of October, at the earliest. WELLLLLLL.....courts actually reopen at the end of September, and our court date is SEPTEMBER 30th!!!! We have been told that we need to be IN Addis (capital of Ethiopia) by the evening of Sunday, September 26th. The next day we will travel 8 hours to Ajuuja, where Macy's orphanage is, spend two days with her there, then travel back to Addis on the 29th, and have court on the 30th! Whooop whooop whooooopie! I asked when our caseworker thought we would be returning to pick her up, and she said that if everything goes as planned, (court doesn't get delayed) then we should be back in Addis for our Embassy appointment on either November 2nd or 16th. WHOOOP WHOOOP! My girl should be home for her 3rd birthday!

So folks, here's the deal. We DO NOT have enough money to travel to Ethiopia two times. So, if you have told us "We are going to wait closer to your travel date to donate money" - NOW IS THE TIME!!!! We need to raise several more thousand dollars before we lay our eyes on our little Ethiopian princess! I am also going to talk with our travel agent about how/if people can donate airline miles to get us to Africa. I'll let you know what I find out.

I am still booking lots of photo appointments! Spread the word! That's a great way to donate to our cause, and get some portraits in return! $80 for the session, an edited cd with all of your images, and the copyrights to everything on the cd. Give me a shout if you'd like to set something up!

Thank you SOOO much for sharing in our joy! The Humphreys couldn't be happier!!!