Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dancin' the Night Away

Last night Jason took the girls to a local "Daddy - Daughter Dance". He took Hannah last year and she vividly remembers how much fun it was. So she's been literally counting down the days until Friday night. After work last night Jason came home presenting each girl with a tiny wrist corsage. They helped Daddy pick out his suit and tie (notice:pink), I got everyone prissied up, took pics, and off our little princesses went with their prince.
Hours later when they returned Hannah ran in and at the top of her voice screamed, "MOMMA, I ATE STRAWBERRIES AND I DANCED LIKE A CHICKEN". Thus, telling me they had her favorite food and did the Chicken Dance. Apparently, this combination of activities made her night.
It was especially sweet to see Macy all excited about spending the evening with her Daddy. He's the first Daddy she's ever had, and OH HOW SHE ADORES HIM! A far cry from how scared she was of him just five months ago.
Everyone had fun. But GOOD GRIEF is there not such a thing as a "Mommy-Son Dance". Because I know a certain five year old (oh, and!) that would REALLY like to go to one.

Showing off their corsages.

Pics from Easter

Houston was there too...for some reason I just didn't get a picture of him from the front. Oh well.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thoughts on Easter

We are looking forward to a weekend full of egghunts and family. But the BEST part of this Easter holiday is the fact that my older two kiddos "get" what Easter is about this year. Let's face it, Easter isn't as "sweet" as Christmas. With Christmas you get a baby born in a barn under a big shiny star. But Easter...oh's painful. And bloody. And humbling. And although I love Christmas, and I am so very thankful that God sent a baby to save me from my sins, it's EASTER that humbles me. It's the fact that His Son, that baby He sent, died for ME and for YOU in a very painful, public way. Do we deserve for Him to do that for us? Heck no. But that is what it is ALL about. The fact that we DON'T deserve his Mercy. His Grace. The fact that I'm a sinner indeed, and that God's only Son died on that cross for me.
Jason and I watched the Passion of the Christ the other night. We went to see it in the theater in 2004 when it was released, but of course being Easter week it's on tv every night. The first time I saw it, I cried like a baby. It's PAINFUL to really is. But HELLO??!?! that's the point. As I watched it the other night from the comfort of my own couch, I focused a lot on Mary in the film. You see, back in 2004 I wasn't a Mommy yet. Now I'm a Mom to four precious little souls. And as I watched the agony that Mary was in my heart BROKE for totally different reasons than when I watched that movie several years ago. This time I imagined if it was MY son on that cross. Or ANY of my children for that matter. A child that I had held and cuddled and wiped tears from his eyes....and then having to watch my sweet child be beat and spit on and tortured and finally hung naked on a cross to die. Oh the AGONY. And then I think of how that same son of Mary is God's Son. And how it pained Him to see His child suffer like that. AND THEN I thought about how WE are all His children (keep up with me here!) and how it pains Him to see US hurting. And lost. And hungry. And hopeless. And of course, it all came back to Macy for me, as things often do. How God loved her before I ever laid eyes on her. How it hurt Him to see the pain and loneliness our daughter felt. How she now has a hope and a future. Just as WE all have a hope and a future thanks to His Son on the cross two thousand years ago.

And again, I'm humbled.

Happy Easter from The Humphreys.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Sassy" is apparently a universal language.

As I've said before, Macy's language skills are CRAZY advanced. We are amazed everyday at how quickly she's picked up our language. Not just English, but our SOUTHERN spin on it. And on top of that, she's totally become a little sass-a-frass as well.

Macy's new favorite phrases:

1. "Mommy! NO TALKING"

2. "NOOOOOO way."

3. "Come here RIGHT now!"

4. "I don't think so."

6. "I don't WAAAAAAANT TOO!"

7. "Hootie did it."

8. "Hands off."

9. "Get outta here."

10. "Watchu doin', Mom?"

Lucky for her, being so stinkin' cute gets her out of trouble for being such a sassy little princess.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Portraits with Live Bunnies!

Last year's bunny sessions were such a HUGE success, I've decided to do them again this year! So tell your friends and share the news! No appointment needed!

Portraits with Live Bunnies!

This Saturday!

April 16th, 2011

9am to 12:30pm

At the Beautiful Spring Haven Mansion in Hendersonville

Price: $20

(includes session and

edited cd of 5 to 10 images)

From more information contact Amanda at 615-308-8793

Directions to mansion: If in Hendersonville, turn on the street right next to Bluegrass Market (Carrington Road). Go straight until you get to the gate. For more in depth directions, visit the website above.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy FIVE months home, Miss Macy!

So last night I fell asleep SITTING UP at the computer while typing a post about Macy being home FIVE months as of yesterday!!! But...alas...this Momma is just tired by the time these crazy kids get in bed at night, so I never got it posted. I'll try again another day. BUT, I am still THRILLED and in DISBELIEF that our girl has been home FIVE MONTHS. Where the heck did THAT time go? (Do you folks out there get sick of me saying that. I bet you do. But GOOD GOSH these kids are growing up too fast.) One more thing, my good friend Cindy and her hubby fell in love with a little girl while on a mission trip to Haiti last year, and now they are adopting her to give her a FOREVER FAMILY. Whoop whoop whoop!!! Anyways, for my local friends out there in Bloggy Land - she is having a HUGEMONGOUS (ehh?) YARD SALE this weekend!!! I mean, it'll be CRAZY BIG! Check out their blog at for details. I'm planning on popping in tomorrow before heading in for kidney stone SURGERY - AGGHHH!!! So maybe some Yard Sale Retail Therapy beforehand will calm my nerves. :) Anyway, I promise to get back to bloggin' soon. Life's just been a bit nutty lately!