Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5 kids...for real.

(I've thought and thought about how to write this I finally just decided to sit down at the keyboard and see what comes out.)

We are so very excited to be adding another kiddo to our family. But in reality, kiddo #5 was actually the first. Let me explain...

Over nine years ago, before Jason and I ever ever met, he fathered a baby out of state. He told me about his daughter, who was an infant back then, on our first date. He has always helped financially and stayed in contact with the mother, but there was never a relationship, which was a mutual decision by them both. Jason was here...she was there...they went on with their separate lives.

Until now.

We'd like to introduce you to Alexis....

"Alex" is this amazing, gorgeous, crazy-smart little girl who just happens to look just like her Daddy. She's brainy like Aidan, and creative like Hannah. (Qualities that I've always claimed they got from me, but now, getting to know Alex, Jason is trying to take credit for all the great qualities! Whatever!)

 Our hearts feel like they are literally about to BUST. We feel so lucky to be able to be part of her precious little life. She still lives out of state, so we met her a few weeks ago several hours away at a noisy Cracker Barrel. Jason and I both had butterflies as she approached...and then it was just perfect. She talked, we listened. We learned about her likes and dislikes, and how she just loves school. I'll have to say, she's a pretty rockin' awesome nine-year-old.

I can't explain to you what an amazing, blessed situation this is. Alex's mom and I became instant friends. We talk and/or text nearly everyday...I have truly gained a new friend! She's this incredible, Christian woman who has always put Alex's needs first. What a wonderful relief Jason has knowing that his daughter has grown up in a safe, Christian home! She's happy and healthy and knows the love of Jesus. This situation could have had so many cruddy endings, but instead, it's awesome! God is SO good!

Alex has been dying to meet her brothers and sisters (we didn't take the crew with us when we met her) so she'll be joining us for a long weekend this weekend! Yay! WE CANNOT WAIT! Seriously, we are all giddy like we are waiting for Christmas around here. Aidan, Hannah, Macy and Houston - oh my goodness - they can hardly handle their excitement. They spent about 30 minutes yelling "WE HAVE A BIG SISTER! WE HAVE A BIG SISTER!". (And just to let you know...Aidan is so stinkin' relieved it's not another little kid. He's been asking for an older sibling for a while now. Little did he know!) They are LITERALLY counting down the hours until she gets here. (45 hours and counting....)

My girlfriends have asked how I am doing with this. I really can't explain it. There is such a PEACE knowing we are doing the right thing. Jason and I have talked and talked over this happening the past several years. And now it's such a peaceful, wonderful feeling knowing that we are COMPLETELY in the middle of God's will. Nine years ago he knew the timing of this. He knew how open and accepting the kids, Jason and I would be to sweet Alex. He's prepared all our hearts. And for those of you who know me pretty well, you know that I'd totally be "Ms. 19 Kids and Counting" if Jason would let me! The more kids, the merrier! I'm excited about the role I get to play in Alex's life. I'm even more excited about seeing her develop relationships with her Daddy and siblings. I'm busy planning a fun weekend for us, and can't wait to see her siblings attack her with hugs when she pulls in the driveway on Friday evening.

Life is good. God is great.

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