Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Stupid People.

I've shared with you all before about all the lovely stupid people I've met since bringing Macy home. Stupid, ignorant, one-track-minded people. (Gosh, that doesn't quite sound like Jesus oozing out of me does it? Well, if I could think of a more Christ-like way of putting this, I might have tried. But I came up empty, so stupid it is.)
It was 82 degrees (maybe even warmer) today in Middle TN - perfect Spring Break weather if your destination is, well, Middle TN. I wanted to take full advantage of the sunshine, so we all took the tags off our  brand new flip flops and headed to the local Greenway. When this area of town was built a couple of years ago, I thought, "Oh great, a park with no playground. We will never go there." Well good golly Miss Molly, was I ever wrong. My kids LOVE this place. And I don't even take anything - like bikes or balls. They just go and run and explore. Today we packed a picnic lunch (courtesy of Sonic) and had us a fun couple of hours. Just when I was about ready to wrap things up, Aidan says, "OH! Let's walk up to the library and check out some books". Now I'm not one to crush my children's love for literature (erg!), so I dragged my legs and little ones down the path and headed to the library. The kids were great...even Hootie was making an attempt for using an inside voice. After finding their books they wanted to play on the kiddy computers, so I let them while I stood behind them looking at a book. I then see two women, obviously library employees, scurry by me whispering in a rather concerned tone. I could tell they were looking for something as they glanced up and down all the aisles. A few minutes later they came back up to where we were (by the way, we were the ONLY people in the children's room of the library today) and walked right up to Macy, tapped her on the shoulder, and say, "Sweetie, did your Mommy leave you here? Because we've been looking for her because we don't want you to be left in here all alone." I was literally three feet behind Macy. I say, "Excuse me?" And they say, "Well, my co-worker here thinks her Momma must have left her in here and children aren't allowed to be in here unattended, so she came and got me and we've been searching all over for someone." (Insert image of me seeing red right about... now.) I simply say, "She's mine. I am her mother." They reply with some "umms" and "ohhhs" and scurry off.
AGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! HELLLOOOOOOO????? They didn't even ASK if she was "with me" (which is what I usually get) or if I'd seen her mother. All they saw was a little black kid with no black momma in sight, and made their own assumption. And HELLO unobservant librarians, she and Hannah were even wearing coordinating dresses. And we ALL came in together. HELLLOOOO???? And if you are going to be so stupid, PLEASE do not do so IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN. Poor Macy already realizes she's different than the rest of her pastey-white family...she doesn't need you reminding her in public.
Other than our run in with Mrs. and Ms. Racial Profilers, we had a lovely afternoon....

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